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“I was really struggling with Geometry because it is so different from Algebra. When I started I only had a D in the class. After two weeks of tutoring I was up to a B and after a month I had an A in the class. It was just stuff I didn’t understand in class. My tutor made it really simple and easy to understand. Thank you so much!”
                                                                                    -David, Bel Air


“I approached Premiere Tutoring Los Angeles for my daughter, who was starting the second grade. She was having a very difficult time in the classroom setting and was quite easily distracted. Our Premiere tutor not only managed to communicate the principles that were being taught more accurately than the teacher, but was able to help my daughter retain all the information . . .”
                                                                                    -Gabrielle, Los Angeles

“Very professional, wow!”

                                       -Miyun, Beverly Hills

“It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday.  I was very impressed with your location, web site and particularly at the style and professionalism of your one-on-one teaching techniques.  I am so happy that together we are bringing my daughter, KayCee, to her 4th grade academic proficiency levels. On a personal note, you and your fiancée make a very nice couple.  You both are very professional, honest and flexible.”

                                                                               -Rosie and KayCee Gonzaga


“Shane Zeranski tutored me from October through December this fall, two times per week, in two hour sessions.  Throughout the weeks I studied with Shane, I came to greatly appreciate his dedication to my progress.  During this short period of time, he helped me to raise my SAT Critical Reading and Writing scores significantly, and even prepared me quite well for the SAT subject test in literature.  His instruction, however, went beyond standardized testing.  After studying with him, and approaching writing as he instructed me, I also managed to raise my proficiency in my AP English Literature class to a higher level as well.  As if that weren’t enough, Shane also assisted me with some college essays, and helped me to craft perhaps my best piece of personal writing for the application process.  I credit much of the recent improvement I have had in my writing to Shane’s instruction.

In addition to the astounding results he helps his students achieve, what also sets Shane apart from other tutors is the personal connection he makes with his students.  In my personal experience, I know that I greatly looked forward to our two hour sessions.  Shane was much more than someone to help me raise my scores; he was someone with whom I greatly enjoyed discussing a variety of topics, such as literature to music.  He managed to tie these conversations into my writing, and indeed I believe that, because of the ideas that emerged from them, they were almost as valuable as the practice writings themselves.

I recommend Shane as perhaps one of the best tutors in Los Angeles, not just for his outstanding ability in helping his students better grasp the English language, but also for his dedication to the growth of each of his students.”

                                                                            -Chris, Los Angeles

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